Worst Baby Buys – Stuff You Really Won’t Need

Having a baby can be expensive, suddenly there is all this strange stuff you need to buy to keep your arrival alive, most people are unsure of what they actually need so in the spirit of being good parents can be tempted to buy everything that is available…I fell in to this trap with many items and I’ve compiled a list of items that you probably won’t need.


Baby Food Steamer/Blender

You can achieve the same results with things you will already have in your kitchen, plus baby led weaning is all the rage now so just chuck them some toast when they’re hungry – win!

Cot Bumpers

These are pointless, I spent a load of money on really pretty ones with birds and cherry blossom on…and I wish I hadn’t.  Baby just spent the night trying to untie the ribbons and they’re also widely agreed to be really dangerous so skip the bumpers.

Scratch Mittens

Baby will just pull them off and lose them, or cry because she wants to pull them off.  Just keep baby’s nails short so she can’t do herself any harm.

Top and Tail Set

Just wash baby’s face and hands first, then plop her in the sink for a soak.  Definitely one of the worst baby buys.

Nappy Disposer 

Not only are they pointless and ugly, they also require top up cartridges…nah.

Newborn Outfits

Your main priority will be making sure baby is comfortable and baby’s bum is easy to access for constant nappy changes, I kept both my babies in sleepsuits 24/7 until they could walk…that’s just me.

Wipe Warmers

Really no need, baby won’t be arsed (see what I did there?) if the wipes are room temperature or cooler…it probably feels refreshing to be honest after having a bottom coated in poop.  Baby buys don’t get more pointless than this.

Baby Shoes

Obviously babies can’t walk, but even the cuteness factor only lasts for about three seconds…which is the average time it takes a baby to pull it off and lose it forever.

Changing Table

Lots of people buy big expensive changing tables, but if you want to save yourself a pretty penny and a whole lot of space, just get a changing mat  and put it on your bed every time baby needs changing.

Baby Lotions and Potions 

Unless your baby has skin conditions, allergies, etc, I found that ordinary coconut oil did the same job or better as the hundreds of baby creams and oils and lotions that we are constantly told we need.


The cost of a new baby isn’t the only thing to consider, the main thing that has shocked me about providing for a baby is the sheer amount of crap you accumulate in such a short space of time.  It is amazing how such a tiny person can need so many items (a lot of them big and bulky and ugly) and unless you are blessed enough to have a huge house, your home is about to start bursting at the seams.  You’ll be tripping over the buggy in the hallway, the cot, the baby bath, the toys, the bouncer, the high chair, and everything else…so anything you can make do without is well worth scrapping in my opinion!

I hope this has saved somebody a few pounds and a bit of space in their home, if you can think of any other baby buys you thought were pointless let me know!

P.S.  For anyone that knows me and might wonder if Flower Crowns should have made this list…you are wrong…Flower Crowns are essential.









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  1. Talya

    February 23, 2018

    The nappy disposer had to be the worst by for us – what an utter waste of money! It’s so hard not to sucked into buying everything under the sun as a first time mum so this is such a useful list. Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub x

  2. Sonia

    February 27, 2018

    This made me giggle. You are totally right. So much stuff you panic about and rush out to buy, and NEVER use! #Coolmumclub x

  3. Nancy | temperandtantrum

    July 9, 2018

    Great advice. Newborns don’t really need a lot. We tend to buy things for them in excitement and then don’t end up using it. My daughter wore onies and body suits for the first 3-4 months. It was the easiest way.Thanks for this blog.

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