About Us

ever after with kids kate


My name is Kate, mother to two little girls - April and Ariel.

We live in York - a beautiful northern city with a lot of history.  My background is in mental health but I am currently working in the home providing 24 hour concierge to my family.  (Mostly yelling at people to pick up their pants.)

Writing stories has always been a passion of mine, and to sprinkle a dash of magic in a child's mind with a book is something that fills my heart with joy.  I always have my two daughters in mind when I am writing a story...what would make their eyes light up, what would make them gasp or giggle...what will they go to bed still thinking about once the story is over...

As a child I would read as if books were oxygen, I just could not stop!  They are the constant in my life, the place I retreat to when I need space, the place I go when I want a magical adventure, the things I pick up to lift my mood or learn something new or share a moment with my children.  I love books!  Books are so special to me, and to be able to write books that children might read and love is the greatest feeling ever.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my webpage, and allowing me to share my stories with you.  I really hope you like them.

Lots of Love