Why you need a Flower Crown (and where to get one) 

My girls and I are a bit partial to a flower crown every now and then (okay most days – okay every day – okay we have a massive trunk full of flowercrowns we try on pretending to be fairies on an hourly basis).

I’ve always loved wearing some kind of floral arrangement in my hair, nowadays I’m usually stuck with the obligatory mum bun so my flower hairpiece obsession has naturally had to move on to my offspring , and my daughters’ heads are now where I get my kicks. Imagine my delight when I found out I was having a girl?! And then imagine it again the second time, this time made all the more exciting by the thought of MATCHING flower crowns! Safe to say we are a bit obsessed in this house (even Grumpy Husband often has to admit the girls look adorable in them after sighing in exasperation).

We are always being asked where we get them from, so I thought I’d compile a little list of a few of my favourite flower crown makers (or artists, magicians, joy creators as I prefer to call them). They’re all UK based mamas, so supporting their businesses feels that extra bit good!


Jade makes the most adorable flower crowns (see above) and clips from felt, they’re soft and comfy and even safe for the tiniest of heads. The designs and colour combos are endless and if asked nicely she will sometimes invent something completely new and different for you in whatever style you’d like. This lady is amazingly talented. We are obsessed with HarperJadeBows, it’s all love from us!

Website – https://www.harperjade.co.uk/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/harperjadebows/

Holly at Little Rainbeau makes beautiful romantic headpieces from artificial flowers (see above) and arranges them like a professional florist. They are delicate and beautiful and addictive! (She is also stunningly beautiful – check out her Instagram – sometimes I wonder if she’s a crafting catfish, but no, after several selfies on her feed my conclusion is she’s just a sorceress!)

Website – https://www.littlerainbeau.co.uk/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/littlerainbeau/


Belle at Wild Blossom makes all your floral boho dreams come true with her makes, and her flower crowns are gorgeous and unique (see above). Catch her little girl P on her feed modelling all her headpieces to perfection, keeping it in the family! She is so creative and has a great eye, everything she makes is so pretty it makes choosing something from her product list impossible!

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/wild__blossom/


Oh my, if you want flower overload head over to Roseapetitefleur – my favourite thing about this shop is that you can practically buy a bouquet for your head (see above). Packed with an array of artificial flowers, (the peonies are HUGE – just how I like them!) these crowns are luxuriously crafted and make you feel like a fairy goddess.

Website – http://roseapetitefleur.bigcartel.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/roseapetitefleur 
These are just a few of my favourite flower crown makers, all of them completely different and all of them gorgeous. I know that many might think flower crowns are a little bit impractical for toddlers (and exhausted mamas) – a bit silly maybe? I on the other hand think it’s silly NOT to have a flower crown! We are all fairy queens deep down after all, sometimes we need a little reminder! I don’t ever want my daughters to forget they are magical goddesses! So my girls and I will be wearing flowers in our hair until further notice.