Stuff we bought and what we thought – June 

Yankee candle (Happy Spring)

My first ever proper Yankee candle at 29 years old, I’ve had little tealights before but never the proper jar. The hype around these things is intense, especially on Instagram. I decided it was time to see what all the fuss is about. The scent I chose was Happy Spring, which really does smell like the spring of your dreams, fresh and floral but also a little like cut grass too if that makes sense. I love it, it seems to throw the scent quite well, I’ve been burning it a few hours every day and it makes downstairs smell amazing. Have loved coming down the stairs and smelling it all over again. However – (controversy alert) I don’t think they’re as good as my usual candles (Marks and Spencer) I have found they don’t throw the scent as well, and are a lot more expensive too. I may try another scent once my Happy Spring is finished and see if it’s any different. Have really enjoyed it though anyway! 
Pink New Balance Trainers

Have needed new trainers for a while, I’ve had holes in my old vans sneakers for ages and have just made do, but after seeing these gorgeous dusky pink New Balance trainers I was ready move on! They’re fab, so comfy and surprisingly neutral so go with most outfits! 

Cuddle Collection Rainbow Muslins (bad review warning) 

I bought these rainbow muslin cloths for Ariel as April’s old primark ones were looking a bit tired. Once out of the packet I noticed they were a bit rough to the touch, especially for newborn skin, but thought they’d perhaps soften up in the wash. Put them through a normal wash cycle – and they came out like this…

Half the size, all crinkled up and just as rough. Fail. Definately would not recommend. I was taken in by the pretty colours and fab price (I bought them from amazon) and have found them to be a complete waste of money. I will be buying the super cheap primark muslins again like I did for April, which are discoloured from years of use but still as soft as the day I bought them (and the same size!).  Steer clear mamas! 
Boho Baby Bibs 

I could have got a pack of £2 bibs from primark, but I didn’t, I got some gorgeous boho frilly bibs from bobbyandbaily (check them out on Instagram) and now feeding time is a lot fancier and fun. We use bibs all day, everyday, so spending a couple of extra pounds to get something really pretty is a bit of a no brainer to me.
Tula blankets

Oh how I love my Tula blankets. I mean, my babies’ Tula blankets. Whoops. They’re made from bamboo and are so soft and light, the perfect blanket for spring and summer. Both my babies have been hot little things, even when it’s cold they don’t like being wrapped up warm, (Grumpy Husband is the same) so these blankets are coming in really handy. The prints are gorgeous, the size is big for a baby blanket so they’re so versatile (big enough for mamas too) and because they are so thin they roll up super small for the changing bag when out and about. One of my favourite baby buys this month for sure!