Neveo Family Album Subscription Review

neveo photo book
We have been testing out the Neveo Family Album app, a quick and easy way to create photo albums on a monthly basis for relatives or friends we don’t see very often.

Monthly Photo Album

I absolutely love the concept, sending a printed photo book out every month to our loved ones is such a lovely idea, especially for those that aren’t on social media like my Nana.   All you need to do is download the Neveo app and choose your subscription, it is currently £9.99 a month for a 50 photo book, or £14.99 for 100 photos.  The app is simple to use, you just upload a photo and add a caption whenever you like during the month…then Neveo automatically compile everything in to a book at the end of the month, print it and send it to your chosen recipient.  
neveo photo album subscription app
The book is paperback, almost like a magazine.  It is a clean and modern design and you can customize it to your liking…I loved the standard design so stuck with that.


One thing I love about the service is that you can add multiple contributors, so lots of people can add photos to the collection and they will all be included in the finished book each month – this is a great idea for big families wanting to send photos to Nana or Grandpa!

Worldwide Delivery

Another thing I find really impressive about Neveo is that they offer worldwide delivery for no extra cost, like a lot of us I have relatives all over the world and it is so nice to think I can include them in our lives on a regular basis with this app for the standard subscription price.  
neveo photo album app
I had been meaning to create some photo books for our relatives but I just never seemed to have the time to sit and go through all the photos over the years.  I have made photo books in the past and have found it very time consuming and complicated, it is always on my to do list but life with toddlers and babies just doesn’t allow for it.     Neveo makes the process so easy, I can do it all from my phone and can add a photo as and when I take a nice one, taking seconds each time.  Then by the end of the month all the work has been done and all that’s left is for my recipient to wait for their book to arrive.    I had no issues using the app, it was really easy to upload pictures from my phone and at the end of the month I was notified that my album was being printed for my Nana.  I was then notified when the album was actually posted.  My Nana received it a couple of days later through her letterbox.  
neveo photo family album app
Overall I am really happy with the Neveo service, they kindly sent us a copy of the photo book that would be sent out to my Nana so that we could see it and I was so impressed – my Nana loved it too!  I think this would make such a lovely gift, especially for people who don’t necessarily keep up with what you’ve been doing on social media.
To find out more download the Neveo App! For more ideas on what to do with family photos check out Parenting Phil’s  post on photo keepsakes.