New Range of MyHummy Sleeping Aid Bears – Lena Review

MyHummy have a brand new range of sleeping aid bears launching today, and we have been lucky enough to be testing out one of the new bears over the last month or so, here is what we thought…

myhummy bear review

First of all, if you haven’t read my previous post about my sleep avoiding baby, our despair at getting no rest or alone time and how our MyHummy Bear saved the day almost immediately – let me quickly recap.  My daughter Ariel just would not sleep.  We tried everything, any advice or tips or methods anybody could suggest we jumped at it, we are eternal optimists after all, but we were becoming a little hopeless…nothing worked.

Then after months and months of sleep deprivation, exhaustion and a baby that did not sleep, and did not even seem bothered that she did not sleep, MyHummy entered our lives and the rest is history.  Ariel started to not only settle, sleep and STAY asleep…she was also soothed back to sleep without our help thanks to the MyHummy smart features and even began to take naps during the day.  It was a miracle, and my Grumpy Husband and I have been forever grateful.

myhummy baby bear sleeping review

MyHummy gets a Makeover

So in all honesty, our family have grown really quite attached to our MyHummy Bear and when I heard the bears were getting a total makeover, a part of me was a little sad.  My first thought was ‘aww, but we love our bear so much, why fix something that isn’t broke?’ – and then my second thought was a panicky ‘wait, what if they stop doing this bear and I lose our one and can no longer get hold of a replacement?’  Ever the neurotic mother I was a little anxious at the news.

myhummy bear accessories

myhummy bear review sleeping aid white noise

However the moment our new bear Lena arrived, we were all in love.  She is adorable! And more cuddly! And chunkier and cuter and Ariel was happy with her upgrade immediately.  I was worried I would have to wean her off her original bear but nope, Ariel adores her new bear with her familiar soothing sounds.  You still get the continuous white noise for twelve whole hours (this is the bit that really set MyHummy apart from other white noise toys we had tried) and the all important app for remote control of the bear.  Just as amazing and reliable and magical as the original bear…just better!



Remote control via app

Fade in and fade out noise to avoid disturbing your sleeping baby

Choice of white noise options, eg. rain, heartbeat, waves

12 hour continuous white noise

Sensor which picks up when your baby is stirring and starts the white noise again (genius)

Machine washable

New portable travel heart feature with attachment clip

Volume control



myhummy lena bear

The design of the new bear has surpassed my expectations, and when looking at the others in the new range, it all just makes sense now.  You can choose from two super cute little families – the Sweethearts and the Smarthearts.  Lena is from the Sweetheart family.

She also comes in boxed packaging which is new, perfect for gift giving…if you are about to become a parent for the first time I would definitely put one of these on my wishlist.  It also comes with a new portable travel heart with teething ring which means you can take the heart (the part that makes the soothing noises) out with you and attach it to pushchairs or car seats or whatever you want without having to take the whole bear.

myhummy bear sleep baby review

We are so impressed with the new design and features, big thumbs up from us.

April our eldest has now whisked the old bear off to her room now that Ariel has a new love.

myhummy bear

Lena is here to stay

Since being introduced to HyHummy sleeping aids many months ago we have been total converts.  Our MyHummy bear is now a vital fixture in our bedtime routine, and now that we as parents are actually getting some sleep and feeling happier and healthier in ourselves, family life in general is just running more smoothly and we are getting to enjoy our little one’s waking hours more, knowing that the sleeping hours are being taken care of by our trusty Lena MyHummy Bear.

myhummy bear sleep baby newborn

Lena retails at £84.99 – to find out more visit MyHummy

myhummy bear

myhummy bear baby

myhummy bear lena baby review

myhummy lena ariel baby

myhummy bear ariel baby sleep

myhummy bear sleep

myhummy bear sleeping aid white noise baby




  1. Caryl Ann Mason

    November 6, 2018

    This looks absolutely beautiful, I love the look of their new range. I’m yet to try MyHummy though. They sound fab!
    Such lovely photos too xx

  2. Anna

    March 11, 2019

    I’m in the same boat but I have myHummy and she still doesn’t sleep/catnaps and can’t resettle etc. I currently have the heart outside myHummy and by her ear/head on full volume do you think this cold be affecting her sleep? Should I swap back to having in myHummy but on full volume?

    Great post thank you

    • everafterwithkids

      March 12, 2019

      How old is your little one? It’s so hard isn’t it, they are all completely different and what works for one may not work for another, it’s like the da vinci code trying to figure out what your baby wants or needs sometimes. It could be disturbing her if it’s on full volume and not muffled by the bear so yes I would probably try putting it back in the bear and not so close to her head, so it is more of a background noise rather than a loud disturbance maybe? xx

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