Insta-Fabulous Homes Plus Kids – Guest Series – Heather from DaughtersAndThings

Instagram has given us an insight in to people’s lives and homes like never before, in this Guest Series I will be chatting with the creators of some of Instagram’s most beautiful homes, homes that also happen to be filled with kids!  Gorgeous homes are one thing, but it is quite a feat to maintain fabulous interiors with tiny humans about…as a mother of two I know that a child may as well be a hurricane when it comes to keeping things looking nice around the house.

So let’s get to know the women behind these gorgeous grids a little better, starting with…

Heather from DaughtersAndThings


How would you describe your interiors style?

Bohemian Minimalist probably fits me best. I love bright white walls, natural woods, and letting the details carry the personality of the room.

Has your home style changed since having kids?

I had to cut out decor being within arms reach of my toddler. Not out of worry of them breaking because she’s very gentle, but she’ll end up taking them to play with. So there’s really no point to keep them on tables and such. Shelves are a big help with that! And oh yeah, inevitably toys ended up in different rooms than I intended for.

How do you keep your home looking so fabulous with kids in tow?

I create a daily manageable to-do list, sometimes weekly if I know we’re busier that particular week. Granted, messes will always be made, but I found my rhythm to keep up the best I can with those messes. In any free time I can find, usually at night when the kids are asleep, I’ll spend time on Pinterest and discover decor I love. I refuse to lose my sense of self after having kids.

Does Instagram reflect reality in your home’s case?

Only maybe 5% of the time haha! There are likely messes behind the frame honestly. It can truly be frustrating though in all seriousness to open up Instagram and see hundreds of photos of beautiful rooms. It’s hard to get in the habit of not comparing ourselves to those photos, but they’re just not reality when you have children.

You have quite a following on Instagram, how did that happen?

I’ve been using Instagram closely to when the app first came out, so it took time, but I found that building up within the IG community by engaging with others is the most important. My photos being of higher quality and editing a certain way consistently made a difference. Also the more moments I showed from real life, the better. People want that authenticity. I used to be too sales-y and impersonal for a fear of being vulnerable, but when you let your guard down and your true colors show, like-minded individuals will take notice.

Favourite Instagram accounts?

I get a lot out of these lovely women & mamas, they’re genuine and share beautiful content at the same time:







What is your favourite part of your home?

My girls rooms! I put my absolute all into them and I always go in them just to simply admire them sometimes. The rest of my home is decent, but is always put on hold because I wanted their rooms perfect.

Interiors Prediction? (Just for fun, what do you think may be the next big thing?)

I think bold furniture and decor of the 1960s is going to make a huge comeback. Unless it already is a thing, but I see it in certain ways like those big round mirrors all the moms on Instagram have and I come across a lot of bold colored sofas.


If you’d like to see more from Heather, head over to @DaughtersAndThings on Instagram.


Watch out for more ‘Insta-Fabulous Homes Plus Kids’ chats over the next few weeks!