How a Himalayan Salt Lamp is making motherhood a little easier. 

After reading about the health and wellbeing benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps I decided to get one for Husband as a birthday gift (along with an amazon prime subscription so he can watch The Grand Tour – which we now watch with our salt lamp on ?) and have been so impressed with it that I had to say something. 
My reasons were many, but the reported improvements in respiratory conditions was a huge draw for me. With a newborn baby suffering with pneumonia taking up residence in our bedroom, and a husband whose irritable nose makes him as noisy as a foghorn on nights when there are allergens in the air (pollen, dust, anything) – a salt lamp sounded like a helping hand for everyone, and mama could use some good quality sleep too when baby allows! Plus, the lamps are really beautiful, striking and natural and a lovely soft pink (although they do come in white and shades of orange too) so it was an easy buy for me and luckily Husband loved it too. He loved it even more when he started sleeping better! 

Poorly Ariel in her incubator at a few hours old. 

Although people have been visiting ancient salt caves for healing for thousands of years, recently research in to the health of salt miners (in particular a significantly low occurrence of common respiratory conditions) has reignited the interest in salt and health. Something I have been doing for years is putting Epsom salts in my baths, especially after labour and birth to help heal wounds and reduce swelling as well as reportedly remove toxins from the body and increase levels of magnesium – and I have always found them to be successful so was intrigued about what other benefits salt might have for me and my family. 
Salt lamps are becoming increasingly popular, perhaps because of their effect on electromagnetic fields and people’s new concerns about their connections to all manner of issues (cancer, headaches, thyroid problems, etc). Positive ions are abundant in our homes in the modern age, more so than ever before, televisions, mobile phones, wifi, microwaves, etc and salt lamps contribute to neutralising this new form of pollution and emitting negative ions which are incredibly beneficial for health. Negative ions also help to remove allergens from the air. 

Not only this, but the light emitted from a lit salt lamp has been shown to fall between a certain spectrum that has a positive effect on mental health – so for a new mama with a history of going a bit loony after labour, and a husband with an insanely high stress career it’s perfect. And I must say, as soon as the lamp goes on in the evening we both feel instantly calm. It is a really gorgeous soothing light, calming and relaxing, we may never use our bedside lamps again at this rate! 

All in all we are both so happy with our Salt Lamp, it is such a beautiful thing to have in our home and the health benefits are an added bonus. For a sleep deprived mama, making sure Baby Ariel’s air is as pure as possible and ensuring Husband’s irritable nose is controlled so I can get some undisturbed sleep when I can have both become priorities, and our beautiful Salt Lamp helps me to achieve both of those things. I am now considering one for April’s room and our living room perhaps, every little helps! 

(If you’re considering getting one make sure it’s not a fake! I have read that Himalayan Salt Lamp fakery is rampant!)