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My name is Kate, I’m a mama to two little girls – one still baking in my tummy and the other currently picking off the petals from the flowers I just lovingly arranged in a vase.

Growing up I suffered with terrible insomnia, I would stay awake all night unable to sleep, and in those hours I would do one of two things, either read an infinite number of books, or write in a journal (many people had suggested it would help me clear my mind and sleep). Thankfully in adulthood my insomnia is now a thing of the past, nowadays my head hits the pillow and I’m gone. I do miss keeping a journal though, writing for the sake of putting things in print and having a record for all time, I still go back to my teenage diaries and laugh and cry and wonder at the seemingly irrelevant details I recorded, they make me happy now that those times are gone, so I thought I’d start recording and writing about this new stage in my life in the hope that one day in the far away future I will look back and be glad that I took an hour out every now and then and wrote something down about this crazy time.

So this is my notepad, a silly little record of one mama trying to stay sane, the odds are against me (she is still picking the petals off of my flowers) and sometimes I think it’s too late and my once sharp mind is already blunt as a thumb.

I’m not special in any way, there is nothing extraordinary or particularly interesting about me really, I’m just trying to do what millions of mamas and papas attempt every single day – stay sane in the face of the madness that is parenthood. Here are my ramblings on the subject, I hope someone finds them interesting (even if that’s just me from the future – oh hey there Kate!)

Kate from the present (28 years old and now covered in cheerios – note to self, write when April is napping)

January 23, 2017