Eurovision, Racism and the Cultural Appropriation Row

Israel winning The Eurovision Song Contest a couple of weeks ago raised more than a few eyebrows to say the least, some had a lot to say on Israel’s current political policies, others questioned the quality of the song itself…but there was also somewhat of a ‘twitter storm’ over…

Stop Pressuring Me To Find My Mum Tribe

There is a lot of stuff you are told you need when you have a baby, I spent my pregnancy reading endless ‘must have’ lists and ‘best buy’ recommendations from mums who had been there and done that.  Most of the things listed were extremely practical and came in…

How To Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

Let me start by saying that I am in no way against screen time.

I couldn’t survive without being able to put a movie on for the kids so I can put the laundry away, or letting them play a game on my phone to keep them quiet while we eat…

Gift Ideas for 1 Year Olds

It is Ariel’s first birthday next week, and unlike buying for April, I have found it quite hard to think of some gifts for her.  Our home is still full to the brim with gifts bought for April, and with there being only a small age gap between them,…

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