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My name is Kate, mother to two little girls - April and Ariel.

Growing up I suffered with terrible insomnia, I would stay awake all night unable to sleep, and in those hours I would do one of two things, either read infinite numbers of books (pretty sure I had read my way through my entire high school library by GCSEs), or write in a journal (many people had suggested it would help to clear my mind and sleep.)  Thankfully in adulthood my insomnia is a thing of the past, nowadays my head hits the pillow and I'm gone.  I do miss keeping a journal though, writing for the sake of putting things in print and having a record for all time, I still go back to my teenage diaries and laugh and cry and wonder at the seemingly irrelevant details I recorded, they make me happy now that those times are gone, so I thought I'd start recording and writing about this new stage in my life in the hope that one day in the far away future I will look back and be glad I took an hour out every now and then and wrote something down about this crazy time.

So this is my notepad, a silly little record of one mother trying to keep it together and raise some humans.  I'm not special in any way, there is nothing remarkable or particularly interesting about me really, I'm just trying to do what millions of mamas and papas attempt every day - be a good parent.  Here are my ramblings on the subject, I hope that someone finds them interesting (even if that's just me from the future - oh hey there Kate!)


Kate from the present (29 years old and covered in cheerios and baby snot - note to self, write when the girls are asleep.)

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